Magazines every woman needs to Know and follow

It was very difficult to choose these few magazines that you must know and follow. There are several wonderful magazines out there but these do deserve the spotlight.

As I follow tons of fashion and health magazines, similar or same stories do come up more often now than it did few years ago.

1 Women’s Health –  The name is self explanatory . Your health is fist and foremost. If you want to take care of others , take care of yourself first .Learn more about you body and to take better care of it. They often posts articles with recent research data and eye opening fact.  The latest health trends , beauty , fitness, sex and love and weigh loss stories are all cover by the magazine.

2 Cosmopolitan – They cover topics of love , celebs ,  beauty  and style. All the things women want to know . What’s more , they even first person accept essay about college , love life , dating and various interesting topics so you don’t feel left out while focus on the celebs.  They also posts workout videos and other interesting things.

Few interesting stories and breaking news often pops up in all the mags form Cosmopolitan to Elle to Esquire . Well because they are trending and worth reading and appeals to their target audience . 


3 Elle Magazine – Beauty tip , Fashion trends and celebrity news . Must for fashionistas  and career girls  who want to get the latest  Culture , life and love are all amply covered by the magazine . So you don’t feel left out on any front .


4 Esquire – This magazine has got a broader base and larger array of topics starting form the latest news headlines, political developments, celebrity interviews, Men’s fashion advice, and food & drink recipes. The magazine do focus on men’s fashion and their primary consumer are men but they are really creative when it’s come to the politics column.

The magazines have different wring styles and different center of focus but they all are trend chaser or trend setters or trend jugglers.

How to Wear Floral Jeans Like a Celebrity

Fashion and Lifestyle

There is nothing better to ease into a trend with the help of inspiration from some fashion forward Celebes .

Ashley Greene in J Brand
The Twilight Saga actress paired her forget-me-not J Brand jeans  with a gray and white colorblock top .Make sure it belongs to the same colour pallet as the pants .

Katy Perry in Alice + Olivia
The “Part of Me” singer landed in Sydney wearing Alice + Olivia’s rose-print jeans paired with a Peter Pan-collared black top by the brand for a sweet look. Avoid large prints if you are petite. This will make a cute date – outfit.

Stacy Keiber in 7 For All Mankind
The pro wrestler paired her rainbow-bright 7 For All Mankind floral leggings with a stark white tank, keeping all the attention on her trendy jeans.

Minka Kelly in Dolce & Gabbana
The Charlie’s Angels actress softened the look of…

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All you need to know about 5 Piece French Wardrobe Part 1

If she can’t afford it, she won’t buy it. If it doesn’t fit (or make her feel good, or flaunt what she’s got), she won’t wear it. If she can’t find it, she won’t compromise. If she loves it, she won’t toss it. She reuses it, rethinks it, lets it age.

When a French girl shops, it isn’t a solitary act of buying something new. It’s part of a lifelong process of editing her environment, making small but meaningful additions to her home, her closet and her life.

– Entre Nous: A Woman’s Guide to Finding Her Inner French Girl


About The 5 Piece French Wardrobe 

It is a concept of capsule wardrobe where you own few articles of clothing , that fit your personal style and flatters you . In the last decade this new trend has stirred up quite a storm .

The concept of ” Capsule wardrobe ” emerged in the sixties and seventies , when  overseas travel became quite popular. This meant traveling with limited number of  garments and having less to choose from . Lot of people felt liberated while having to choose from limited number of garment . The fashion industry took notice of the particular phenomenon and the concept of ” Capsule Wardrobe “became trendy and fashion forward. .
Minimalism is not about having less , It is about making room for more of what matters  ….

How does The 5 piece French Wardrobe work ?

Every season you are allowed to buy 5 new items to you wardrobe. These can be any article of clothing except basic pieces including underwear and socks . The items you choose each season can be used to replace your old jeans that is falling out or add a new blazer to your collection .

As you have a limited 5 pieces to add every season make a wish list , evaluate you wardrobe requirements and come up with the list of 5 pieces you really need this season.De- clutter your wardrobe and  throw out the pieces that does not fit and things you haven’t worn in ages. You can sell them on eBay or swap with your friend .

The 5 piece french wardrobe philosophy is all about curating your wardrobe. Grow your wardrobe in an aesthetic manner with statement pieces and key staples that work well together .Focus on quality not quantity .

I am going to be more careful and selective with my purchases this year and apply The Five Piece French Wardrobe philosophy to my wardrobe.

Why you should give The 5 piece french Wardrobe  a try .

If you love the concept of minimalism The 5 piece french wardrobe is your thing .

  1. Well for once is will save you a lot of time in the morning . You won’t have to wade through tons of clothing every morning to find something that fits .
  2. A less cluttered and organised wardrobe.
  3. Easier to develop your signature style / personal style .
  4. Saves you money and time .
  5. You will love every piece you own .


What are your thought on The 5 piece Wardrobe ? ……..

Fashion colors of 2016


Rose Quartz and Serenity are colors of 2016 according to Pantone. Wonderful dreamy pastel rules 2016 color pallet with it’s surprising and subtle allure.


unnamed (1)



No one explains color better than Pantone . When it comes to fashion the fine line between the gender is blurring fast and the that has an imminence  impact on the color tends and other areas of design .

This coincides with societal trend of equality of gender and challenging tradition.  Expression are becoming stronger and consumers are not afraid to use colors and fashion to express themselves  in this digital age .

These refreshing and non- traditional colors have managed to steal the color of the year 2016 crown .

Though I prefer darker shades , I will definitely go for Serenity .







Wake up and Stretch


Stretching is one of my favorite part of warming up ..

Recently I have been enamored with all kind of yoga stretches and various poses that involve a lot of stretching .



Get out of your comfort zone and stretch till you can’t any more ..



In My Shoes




Sometime life brings unexpected nasty surprises . The ones that challenge you and change you . The ones you never see coming . All you know that when the storm in over you are not who you were anymore .

But even after you have failed several times to do still listen to voice inside who urges to try once more ? Every one around you expects you to give up .

But none of them have walked in your shoes . Not your parent or siblings or significant other or close family.  They don’t really know what you have been through and what you are truly capable of doing.

Surprise them , surprise yourself try once more . …





Treasure trove



I love accessories …  hope you do to

I just found a awesome site where we can get some unique and edgy accessories . Some great pendants including guns , skull , thor’s hammer  ,piercings , chains, fake piercing  and many more.








A cute alien pendant so cool !!  and hand cuffs ..


Link –


you must check it out .I swear you wont be disapointed .

Have fun shopping .

Glowbees Boutique




Let’s visit
Glowbees boutique

Link –
I stumbled upon this blog while a regular blog hopping session
The boutique is offering a range of jackets ,top , dresses and maxi dress . The blog is quite easy to navigate and have some interesting collection from boutique . If you love collection unique pieces for your wardrobe I recommend visiting the boutique.
Modest style for you deals with a range of the girl next door vibe apparels and no, it does not disappoint you. The site delivers what it says .
The clothes featured are modest but stylish and most of them are office appropriate . I fell in love with the dress collection though the blouse and jacket collection was not that impressive .
One of my favourite mix and match include this pale pink dress with black floral design romantic yet on the edge paired with a well tailored olive and grey plaid jacket .










Want to own these clothes visit the shop and order now … and if you want to model them then you must visit the blog and submit your application.
The site is need of models and the hiring is open now. Good luck .


A royal blue sleeve less peplum top fashionable yet modest. Great options are available for some of us who had to abide by strict dress code. I would have liked to see more options available on the site and a more categories .
Well the dresses were really good plus they have 100% money back guaranty .
Why don’t you guys have a look yourself and get some pieces for spring 2014…
Good news for the aspiring models because glowbees are hiring so yeah it is a great opportunity .

The link –

what looks good …

want to what looks good on you ? how to flatter your figure and what not to wear ..

Create your virtual dress form and try on different silhouette and cuts to flatter your figure. Learn what is best for your body type and which size would be flattering on you .

Got to the link below to teach yourself to be more gorgeous

P.S. have fun and decode your style

Free People October 2013 Lookbook

. From practical choices like beanies or knee high boots to attention-grabbing handbags with gorgeous tribal motifs to chic metallic bracelets and cool belts, the palette of options is definitely varied.

Free People October 2013 Designs
Free People October 2013 Lookbook
Free People October 2013 Outfits
Free People October 2013 Party Outfits
Free People October 2013
Free People October Catalog
Outfits From Free People October 2013 Catalog


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