5 Golden Rules of Happiness

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1 Travel often to find the facets of life that invigorate you.

Once a year go to a place you have never been before. Travelling is addictive and teaches you a lot about yourself. New places, new faces, new situation will definitely teach you something new.


2  You are your own best friend and worst enemy. 

Don’t be too hard on yourself. We all have bad days and failure and regrets. You are not alone.

Bad things happen, life does not go as you plan it, people die, friends become strangers but through it all you always have yourself.

If you don’t care for yourself then who will?. Value yourself for who you are before expecting others to value you. Make your own rules for success.

3 Unravel your passions, interests, and hobbies.

Writing and blogging is my passion what is your? I can’t live without books and coffee either. Do something that make you happy everyday, don’t let go of your passion and hobbies.

4  Take the time to care for yourself. 

Take care of yourself, before you take care of others. In our busy lives we often forget to take care of our-self. Schedule me time daily if possible and take time to go over your needs in respect to health, relationships, career goals, life in general .

5 Help others do the same to improve their lives! Pay it forward and multiply the happiness.

This is something I have experienced in my college life. This is amazing and very fulfilling, rising up together is better than rising up alone.

Society ,family and parents prompts us to compare and be better than others. They tell us to rise above other but not how to rise with other.

Helping others improve their life will improve you ten fold and teach you a lot.

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Map necklaces from Olive yew

Map Necklace

I came across these wonderful map necklaces from Olive Yew  and instantly fell in love with them. Living away from home is hard and map necklaces made me feel like I was carrying a piece of home.

Do you have a special place that you want to remember?. Simply provide them with the address and they will engrave it  on a horizontal bar, vertical bar or round disk in gold, silver or rose gold. The simple map will have no street names and will include a tiny cut out heart at the exact location you want to commemorate. Map necklace from Olive yew  lets you keep special places close to heart and are great conversation starters too.

Custom Name Bar Necklace

The bar necklaces are another favorite. The handmade bar can be customized to bear the name of your loves ones, coordinates of special places and the name of your pet coupled with adorable paw print.

I love the fact that they allow you to choose from few special character [ $ ” ! + ∞ ♥ ✩ # ? @ . , ( ) ] in addition to alphabet, number and icons.

Olive yew has got great accessory collection and ample options for customization. Made of 14k gold , 14k rose gold  and sterling silver the jewelry are worth investing. They will make the perfect gifts, souvenir, and interesting accessories.

Bar Initial Bracelet - Personalized Engraved Bar Bracelet

The dainty engraved bar bracelet is perfect for minimalist looks that I love. You can  choose up to 7 character to engrave on the bar bracelet. I love accessories and these pieces from Olive Yew are definitely  must have chic essentials.

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Planing minimalist looks have never been Easire

Planing to give minimalism a try. You need to follow this simple rule to rock the minimalist look.
 To balance the look you will need a combination of 3 basic clothing piece and +1 trendy/ statement  accessory. For the 3 main pieces : Choose a top , a bottom , and a cover up, make sure they work well with each other and don’t clash. The three pieces need to balance each other and let the statement piece stand out.

For the +1  choose from a scarf ,  a statement necklace ,earring , cuffs or a simple choker.I have officially fallen in love with chokers .

 kendall jenner is rocking the minimalist look composed of 3 clothing pieces + 1 statement accessory ( chokers )

If you are not fond of accessories you can cut off the +1 statement accessory and let one of the basic 3 pieces standout. Shoes and bags or even statement sunglasses will do the trick. 

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Listen to your heart

Sometimes we need to seek  quite places to listen to the beat of out heart. The quite voice with in us that is drowning in the hustle and bushel of other voices.

IMG_2424 - Copy

 The majestic mountain range of Western Ghats. Malabaleshwear.
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11 unbreakable career rules for success


There’s lot’s of advice out there about how to achieve career success, make more money, or turn your passion into a full-time job. These are the ultimate 11 unbreakable rules you need to embrace success.


Rule #1: Life begins at the end of your comfort Zone and so does your career. 
If you are getting to comfortable then sure it time for a change, time to switch things up.
Don’t confuse feeling good vibe with feeling comfortable.If it doesn’t feel good, you probably should not go for it. 
Rule #2:Work hard party harder.
Take breaks to clear out your mind. Working long hours, overtime with no breaks with leaves you in rut.Get outside, take a walk it will clear your mind and help you think better.
Rule #3: Earn every reward
Reward yourself for reaching goals. Set weekly or monthly goals and rewards for completing them. 
Rule #4: Evolve daily  
 Shake thing up to keep them interesting. Keep yourself motivated and inspired. 
Re-brand and reinvent yourself.
Rule #5: Write it down.
Make notes , write up , keep a journal … 
Don’t let ideas escape you and it is inspiring to journal you journey to success. 

 Rule #6: Follow you instinct 
Yes, your gut knows a little bit better than you, so trust your gut.Don’t underestimate you intuitions or dismiss them.
Rule #7: No safety net rule. Ditch the backup plan
This rule is bit hard to follow.Having no backup plan for your career is scary. But knowing that this is it, that you have to make it work, will definitely prompt you to put you 100% into the current plan. 


 Rule #8: Work for free
Choose when to work for free and know when to demand compensation. A big company should never ask you to work for free, even if your are only starting out.
Volunteer and learn something new. That is a great way to network and find opportunities.
Collaborate for free, intern part time to get to know the industry better.


Rule #9: College Degree is not everything. 
This will probable take a little bit of time to sink in after you leave college and enter the industry. I probable used about  10% of what I learnt in college while my internship. Life and industry will teach you a lot more.

Rule #10: Be a leader.
Be an inspiration to other and light up the way as you go. 


Rule #11: Success takes time. Be persuasive and consistent. 
Success does not come overnight. Have patience and zeal. Especially in creative field or freelance careers success is hard earned. 
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There is something about french style that say it is timeless, simple, effortless and chic. Laid back yet classic a contradiction in itself but we love it anyway. The 5 piece french  wardrobe is inspired by french style, and minimalism. 

Minimalism seem to a resounding theme of classic french style.I have always been a jeans and shirt kind of girl, which is a big reason why I am so naturally drawn to these looks.


The essentials for a french wardrobe include the basics : Jeans, ballet flats, a white shirt, a black blazer, a black bag and little or no make up.
For Parisians the style mantra is less is more.

The art of french style has minimal wardrobe requirement and it is budget friendly too. Invest in quality rather than quantity. 

From Coco channel, Jane birkin to Brigitte Bardot, these ladies have made the  most casual outfit looks timeless and effotless. 

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Becoming Me

Life doesn’t bring us what we want, it brings us what we need. That is why often challenging and painful situations come into our lives.


Don’t be reduced by what life throws at you. You are becoming who you are meant to be. When you get through the storm the sky will be clear once more.

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Why you need to invest in “The LEAF” by Bellabeat


Since its launch in 2015, the LEAF  became quite popular among health conscious women.The best thing I love about the LEAF is its stylish design that makes it wearable and fashionable, while tracking your health.  

Bellabeat creates beautiful, innovative products that help women easily track their overall health and wellness, and get connected to their body and mind throughout different stages in life.

Track your activity, sleep and menstrual cycle. Become a healthier you with the LEAF – the world’s smartest piece of jewelry

The LEAF by Bellabeat is available in two different colors – Silver and Rose Gold.The health and wellness tracker specially designed for women . It’s looks more like a cool accessory than fitness tracker.


Having trouble falling asleep tonight while you were dying of exhaustion yesterday and the day before?  The apps lets the user compare their periods of light sleep and deep sleep, allowing them to identify what type of day or activity leads to a better night’s sleep. That would definitely make falling asleep at night easier.

Buy the Bellabeat LEAF NOW with 20% off – Limited time Offer!

Tracks your daily movement, burned calories and allows the user to set daily goals to keep them motivated. The app will also let users enter specific sports and activities, giving a detailed overview of their movement throughout the day.

The app also gives detailed overview of the user’s menstrual cycle and helps women trying to conceive to identify ovulation days and increase their chances of successful conception. 

The LEAF will become your best friend in no time , the one who knows to say the right things during PMS as it comes equipped with witty notes designed to brighten up the user during PMS times.

The built-in breathing exercises help the LEAF user cope with stress. By cross-referencing the breathing data with the amount of stress you might be feeling, the LEAF allows you to learn breathing exercises to help minimize stress.

It has a smart alarm feature  to keep things on schedule. Taking pills on time or getting tampons, there’s the wake up alarm option and an inactivity alert that warns the user if they’ve been inactive for too long.It warns you when you have sitting at your desk for a long time and your metabolism is slowing down.

This is flexible and easy to style in to outfits. It’s trendy and sleek design appeals to the fashion savvy crowd who are health conscious. It Looks like jewelry, acts like a tracker.

1 Wear it as a stylish Cuff.




2 As a pendant around you neck 


3 And it is available in  black and rose gold combo, my favorite colour.


Buy the Bellabeat LEAF NOW with 20% off – Limited time Offer!

You need to acquire this smart piece of jewelry to have a good nights sleep.

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Rock the Choker Trend


The trend is highly popular right now, with celebs like Taylor swift and Kendall Jenner sporting the choker to accentuate some of their signature looks.  Popularly considered to be revival of the 90s fashion trend the choker has been conceived long ago.

The origin of the popular choker dates back to thousands of years back to the Sumerian Empire in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. In those days the choker necklaces were considered protective ornaments. They were generally made of gold or lapis and vested with power.

Choker gained popularity during renaissance as a stylish accessory and were coveted among the royals in the late 19th century .During the late 19th century women in part of Germany and Austria used choker to mask lumps on the neck cause by goitre. While in few parts of the world, simple ribbon choker were symbolic of prostitution. The unprecedented notion changed when the choker graced the necks of ballerinas.

It is a trend that has survived the fall of the ancient empires and the evolutionary era of renaissance and surfaced time and again through the 20th century. The choker have evolved from a protective necklaces to stylish pieces, to being used to mask flaws ,  to being the symbol of prostitution in some parts of the world to being called “dog collars” during the 1920s  and 30s.

During 1920s and 30s choker were made of velvet ribbon and pearls with a central decal.

The 1970s rise of hippies’ culture saw the revival of the choker once again. Pop stars like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera advocated the choker trend through the 90s. This time the choker evolved in to the infamous plastic tattoo choker and simple ribbon chokers.

Today the choker is available is several forms, from simple ribbons to leather neckties to jewel encrusted collars.Big players likes Givenchy and Chloe have been featuring them on the runway and top jewellery designers are releasing new designs frequently.

Suffice to say the choker is a statement piece which will never go unnoticed. The choker draws attention to the neck and quite boldly so. It is undeniable bold and chic.

Rocks the trends like bloggers do.

1 Layer it with other necklaces – Take layering to the next level.

2 Wear it solo – Give the choker the glory it deserves.

3 Tie it like blogger do . 

4 Wear it with a edge. 

I am loving this trend …

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Be like a butterfly …

Count your moments, count your blessings …..

DSC05653 (2)

The picture was taken at chokidhani  Rajasthani theme village. Had a wonderful time exploring the village lifestyle.

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